We recommend to read our Contract to learn the terms of kittens sale.

Here you have an opportunity to see photos and some videos of the kittens and adult cats. All of them available for reservation or for re-homing. For reservation we asking deposit $400. This deposit is not refundable, as it is considered as our expense for cat altering and veterinarian examination.  Please do not hesitate to ask in personal message and discuss terms of agreement and shipment. We recommend to review a sample of our contract, which you can see at website. 
Kittens go to your home up-to date vaccinated. Altering is included in the price and paid by your deposit. We provide a few weeks' insurance and veterinarian passport and health certificate, breeder certificate from TICA for further kitten registration.
The cat/kitten is guaranteed to be of sound health upon arrival. Free of external and internal parasites and infectious diseases. We are giving 72-hours limited warranty. In order to validate the warranty, the Buyer must take the kitten/cat to a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours from point of arrival.


Male. Nacked. BD: Jun.06.2013.  Please send request of price. Please be advised that adult cats would be better to take in a family without other cats.

new kittens  

Please send inquery. More photos will come soon. Reservation is not open yet.